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30 January 2019
Budapest, Hungary

Field Trip 

We are organizing a bus trip to Csepel Freeport for the participants of the Energy-Barge project. Aside from the group there are 10 more places at the bus, so we are accepting further applications from other guests.

The bus starts at 8:30 on the 30th of January, 2019 from the bus parking in front of Novotel Budapest Danube Hotel.


After a 30 minutes long drive the bus arrives to the port, where we welcome the participants at the central board building. Next we take a tour around the port by bus. During the tour we visit the commercial pools, the grain storehouse and the sites of Ferroport and Mahart Container companies. At the latest the bus arrives at 11:00 to the venue of the conference, to Hotel Aquincum. All the packages can be left on the bus, thereafter we keep them at the conference till the end of the event.

The leader of the tour is Szávó Sztilkovics. The language of the tour is English.


Krisztina Szántó

Project Communication Manager
MAHART – Szabadkikötő Zrt.
Phone: +36 30 543 5678
E-mail: szanto.krisztina@mahart.hu

Szávó Sztilkovics

MAHART – Szabadkikötő Zrt.
Phone: +36 20 979 0152
E-mail: sztilkovics.szavo@mahart.hu

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Location Hungary
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Participants 98
Meetings 30
Hungary 167
Croatia 9
Austria 7
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